Sunday, May 24, 2009

Eureka's Castle

There is nothing majestic about Eureka's Castle. And by that, I mean this; Eureka, Missouri is quite possibly one of the most paralyzingly boring towns in the United States of America. My inspiration for the conception of this Blog was derived from one Caitlin McCain -- not surprisingly, considering she is the inspiration for most things in my life (even if she doesn't realize it). I have been home for about 10 days, and I have never been more ready to get out of Eureka... I think. I have mixed emotions about it. Being home is great -- my parents do my laundry, take care of the puppy, feed me good food, I have little to no responsibilities and I certainly don't have to pay for anything -- but it can be extremely suffocating. It can also be terrorizingly nostalgic. Being home reminds me of the past -- more specifically, of last summer -- and the past is the last thing of which I need to be reminded of at this point in my life. Since April 2nd, I have been making a strong attempt to move on and start anew; or, at least, make some pivotal changes and begin to look at things from a new perspective. Everything about being in Eureka reminds me of things and people I've been trying to forget; henceforth, spending my summer in Columbia will be, I think, a healthy alternative. (Maybe "healthy" isn't the word -- the consumption of alcohol, daily trips to Starbucks and the occasional cookie from Main Squeeze couldn't necessarily be deemed as such.) Nevertheless, I am ready to make the most of these next few months. I'm graduating in December (dun dun dun) and I feel as though I'm at a very poignant point in my life -- I'm fresh into the "adult" world (meaning I've recently been enjoying the bar scene and almost everything it entails), I'm fresh into the dating world (which can be both invigorating and exasperating) and I'm fresh into the "real" world (ok... not yet... but lately I've been trying to adapt to the idea of entering such a daunting realm; and, I'll be honest -- I kind of like the thought). I am insistent upon making this my best summer to date (no pun intended... actually...) Unfortunately, for the next 15 hours, I am stuck in Eureka. Bored to tears.

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  1. I love you, and this blog is the discovery of the summer for me. Ohhh I can't wait to be inside your mind. You're wonderful; you always have been.